Welcome to Dancers Studio, Inc. ~ Dedicated to a high quality dance education
The Mission of our Company is
bullet To provide a quality dance education in ballet and modern dance, and other important dance forms by professionally educated instructors for students of all social and economic backgrounds and/or mental or physical abilities in the Columbus, Indiana area.
bullet To provide performance opportunities for professional and student dancers in the Columbus, Indiana area through the maintenance of a resident dance company.
bullet To develop a large and informed audience for dance in Columbus, Indiana and surrounding areas.
bullet To raise funds through individual support, corporate and foundation support, and available grants to support the educational and performance opportunities offered by Dancers Studio, Inc.
The Philosophy of Dance School
Dancers Studio, Inc. is dedicated to a high quality dance education for dancers of all abilities. We operate a technique-based school, based on learning to dance, not simply learning a dance routine. We use The Nutcracker each December as the school recital, but it is done in full length as a complete ballet with members of our Company to complete the cast. Members of our school are sometimes asked to be in Company performances, depending on our need for dancers at various levels and ages.
Our intent is to offer the highest quality instructors to our students, while keeping our tuition as low as possible. We want all students who wish it to be able to take our classes, so we offer need based scholarships and we teach Special Needs dance classes for those you need extra attention, but still benefit from taking a dance class.
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