1. What should students wear to ballet class?

Girls should wear a leotards, pink tights, and pink ballet shoes. For those in Creative Movement, Primary, levels I & II, any color/type is fine for weekly classes, though for performances they will need a plain, sleeveless, pink leotard. Short ballet skirts are welcome, but not required. Ballet shoes should be pink and made of leather or canvas.


Other types of materials, such as silky slippers or ballet flats, are not appropriate or safe for our dance floors and should be avoided. (See question 2 for where to purchase)


Boys should wear white shirts, black shorts or pants, and black ballet shoes of leather or canvas. 

2. Where can I purchase ballet shoes or dance wear?

You can order any necessary dance wear directly from us at Dancers Studio, through our Boutique. You can look through our selection and try on items or browse our catalog before ordering. We also offer ballet shoe sizing to make sure you are getting the best fit. Orders usually arrive at the studio within 1-2 weeks and we do offer free returns and exchanges.

Unfortunately, there is no dance stores in Columbus, but here are several options for purchase online or nearby:


Online discount catalogs:

Kinney Dance Wear:

2434 E. 62nd St.

Indianapolis, IN 46220.

Kinney's also has a website and a Louisville location. We recommend them for shoes fittings of all kinds, especially pointe shoes.

3. What are the hair requirements? Is a ballet bun really necessary?

 *We do not require a ballet bun for students under the age of 7, but they are highly recommended for the reasons listed below.*

For all other students: Yes, it is important and required because...


It keeps your hair out of your face and eyes, which allows you to turn and bend without getting hair in your eyes.


It allows the teacher to give you corrections based on your dancing habits , rather than avoiding your hair.


It is a professional expectation that prepares students for performances and rehearsals in any and all settings.


If your hair is too short to pull into a bun, please pull it away from your face as best you can - bobby pins and hair spray are recommended. It should NOT fall into your face when you spin around.

4. How is Dancers Studio, Inc. different from other dance studios in the area?

We provide a high quality dance education, which allows our students to audition at the professional or college level.

We teach students to dance, not just to learn a piece for a recital.

Even our youngest dancers are taught correct technique and the proper French terminology.

We provide need-based scholarships and Special Needs dance classes/class adaptions, which allow all children a chance to benefit from dance education.

5. When can I dance on my toes (or more correctly en Pointe)?

At Dancers Studio, we maintain a strict policy that students be at least 11 years old to begin pointe work. This age generally assures that students' growth plates are closed enough to avoid long-term injury from pointe work. Strength from several consecutive years of ballet training is also required to avoid injury, which many (but not all) students reach right around this age.


Lastly, pointe work takes a higher commitment of both time and money by students and parents in order to succeed than other types of dance. Because of this, we require that students in Level IV and above take a minimum of 2 ballet classes per week to help them reach and then maintain the required strength and flexibility. The more classes the student takes per week, the more quickly they will progress to this level.

6. What is I miss class, who do I call? Can I make it up?

As a general rule, it is difficult to make up missed classes due to the nature of the classes we offer, especially rehearsal/performance classes.

 If you have to miss class, please call the office at  Dancers Studio and leave a message at 812-376-8080. Make up classes are fine, as long as you ask the teacher of the make-up class.

Please avoid missing class or rehearsal except for contagious illness or emergency.

7. Can I leave while my child is in class?

    You may leave while your child is in class! However, if you bring any siblings with you, please do not leave them unless a specific adult they know is there to supervise them. We cannot be responsible for siblings while we are teaching your other children to dance.

8. How is a student placed in a specific dance class?

 We use a combination of their age and experience to determine what level they should be in. At younger ages (age 4 to age 9), students tend to learn very quickly, so we tend to place them with their peers. When they are older, we do our best to build the basics quickly in a slightly younger level, and then move them up with their peers as quickly as possible.

9. What is the "Dance Recycling Basket"? 

The recycling basket is a cream basket located by the Office in the main entrance. It contains a variety of lightly used and outgrown ballet shoes, leotards, tights, and warm-ups.

If you need dance wear, feel free to look there first to see if you can find something that might work for your student. Use it until it is outgrown, and then return it to the basket if it is still in usable condition! Pay it forward!

10. How can we put on The Nutcracker with so few paid staff and so many participants?

The Nutcracker has up to 175 participants from age four through professional dancers. This is a huge undertaking that is only possible through the hard work of many people coming together. We love our volunteers! It is also great fun to get involved, please let us know if there are ways you would like to help. There are many different ways, from ticket taking to sewing to helping back stage. 

If you are unable to find the answer to a question you have, please feel free to use the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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