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Tuition Payments

All students must register in Active - link will open December 21.

Tuition payments can be made by Credit Card, Check or Cash at the time of registration

A monthly payment plan is available - must be set up with credit card in Active when registering

Class Tuition Breakdown

Base Fee - $20/hour

(fees based on 17 week Spring semester)

45-minute class                     $255/semester

60-minute class                     $340/semester

75-minute class                     $425/semester

90-minute class                     $510/semester

Discounts Available

Family Discount - 10% discount for multiple children in a family, discount applied on second (and subsequent) child

Maximum Fee per Student - an individual student will only be charged for a maximum of 5 classes (required ballet classes count first, then elective classes)

Program Fee

Additional per dancer fee for participation in the Spring Showcase - this fee is paid separately and covers tights and expenses associated with the production such as venue rental and props/sets.

Class Descriptions

Dance with me                                   One class/week, 30 minutes

Creative Movement                             One class/week, 45 minutes

Primary                                             One class/week, 45 minutes

Ballet Level I and II                            One class/week, 60 minutes

Ballet III                                           One class/week, 75 minutes

         Ballet Levels IV - VII                           Min of of 2 technique classes/week

Electives                                           One class/week, 60 minutes

Adult Ballet                                       One class/week, 60 minutes


For questions regarding tuition, please email

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