Please contact our office at prior to registering a new student if you are unsure on level placement. 

You may choose to make payments monthly or by the semester online. 

Other payment schedules are available by making arrangements on an individual basis.

If your family is applying for a scholarship, please contact Stacie prior to registering.

*Additional fees applied to online registration for credit card processing

Mommy & Me, Creative Movement & Primary 

3 yrs old $60. 6 week session Aug. 12-Sept.16 / Oct. 14-Nov. 19. One class per week 30 mins. 

4 yrs old/pre k $255 one class per week, 45 mins. 

5 yrs old/kindergarten $255 one class per week, 45 mins. 

Ballet Level I, II, & III

6 yrs old/first grade $340 One class per week, 1 hr. 

7-8 yrs old $340 One class per week, 1 hr. 

9-10 yrs old $425 One class per week, 1 hr. 15 mins.

Nutcracker Fee includes costume fee & theatre expense- $35

Ballet Level IV-VII

Students must be placed by teacher/staff. 

     Level IV students must be at least 10 years old


Students in levels IV, V, VI, or VII must take a minimum of two ballet classes per week.


  The first class per week is $430
          Additional Ballet or Pointe classes are $300 a piece.

          Dancers taking multiple optional classes- each class is a $289 add on. 

          ***Multi-class discounts are automatically applied during registration.

15% Multi-class discount. 10% Multi-family discount.


Nutcracker fee is $75 

Optional Classes (Levels IV-Adults)

Stretch & Strengthening- 1 hr. class $340


Basic Pointe- 1 hr. class $340 Recommended for any new dancer en pointe 

Level VI/VII Pointe Variations- 1 hr. class $340 Recommended for VI/VII Variations. 

Lyrical/Jazz- 1 hr. class $340 

        Elective class, recommended for students in levels V, VI, & VII.

Contemporary- 1 hr class $340

Modern- 1 hr class $340

                            -Beginning recommended for levels IV & V.  

                             -Advanced recommended for levels VI &  VII.   


Jazz- 1 hr class $340

Tap- 1 hr class $340

Hip-Hop- 1 hr class $340 

                        -Intermediate ages 9-13

                        -Advanced ages 14-adult 


Conditioning - 1 hr. class $340

Adult Ballet- 1 hr. class. $340

Heels- 1 hr. class $340

Questions feel free to contact Stacie at